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Meet Errol and Marcella Harris

They founded DomSeTCO because they saw the remarkable value of live sea turtles to the people of Dominica. Through their dedicated efforts poaching continues to decline, anti-poaching patrollers take to more beaches each year, school children learn about the intrinsic value of these endangered species and the importance of Dominica's beaches to them.

Errol Harris, Chairman

Mr. Harris was instrumental in setting up the UNDP Dominica Community Management of Protected Areas for Conservation (COMPACT) program for communities around the Morne Trois Piton National Park, World Heritage Site in 2000 to 2003, as the Project Coordinator; and, organized for Dominica to assume the responsibilities for the UNDP GEF-SGP program directly. He has worked extensively with the indigenous Kalinago people in the Carib Territory, and is actively involved as a member of the Waitikubuli Ecological Foundation, the Sustainable Living Initiative Centre as Chairman, the Dominica Poultry Association as Chairman, and the Dominica Sea Turtle Conservation Organization (DomSeTCO) as Chairman.